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Sacred Soul Healing Arts


…remember who you are and why you are here


Sacred Soul Healing Arts evolved from years of service in the healing and teaching field. It is our intention to hold a safe loving space for our clients and students to deepen into their true selves. It is our belief that your best self already lies within you. You simply must trust the unfolding…Sacred Soul Healing Arts unites spiritual, healing and mindfulness practices from a myriad of lineages such as; Chinese Medicine,Yoga/Ayurveda, Buddhism and Native American traditions. We have found that the truth in all these lineages is love and that individuals simply need to find the path that resonates most.

Jessica Jacobson, ABT, CYT is a gifted facilitator in emotional and spiritual healing. Her unprecedented, restorative approach rooted in love combines a keen intuitive skill with a broad range of tools and support for regenerating emotional well being and integrating mind, body, and spirit. Jessica leads with a compassionate heart holding her clients in unconditional love so that they may recognize their own gifts and step more fully into their true self.


Jessica has been practicing healing work for fifteen years with a degree in Asian Bodywork Therapy. She has also had the opportunity to study with several Native American Shamans, a Medical Intuitive and learn the gifts of Aromatherapy. This continued learning has allowed Jessica to deepen her intuition and be grounded in service to her clients and students. Most recently, Jessica completed her Integrative Yoga Therapy Teacher Training; a dream come true! This too has simply allowed her deepen in service to the whole.


On a personal note: Though it is my spiritual purpose to serve as a healer, I am a mother first. I have three beautiful and tenacious children; Emma Nepal 15, Ben Nesta 13 and Tallulah Rose 7. They keep me on my toes and are certainly my greatest teachers. I also share in a supportive and loving relationship with my husband, Doug who has been my spiritual guide since the day we met. I can only serve my purpose if I am also serving them and leading with love.




Doug Jacobson is a present and intuitive massage therapist. He listens to your body and supports the unfolding to support your natural vibrancy. Doug has long been a caregiver and deeply enjoys holding space for his clients to let go and release their stored tension.


Doug is also a gifted Reiki practitioner and is learning sound vibrational healing with both Tibetan and quartz crystal singing bowls.


Before Doug enjoyed his life as a massage therapist he guided trips through Europe, British Columbia and the Canadian Rockies. Because of Doug's great joy in continuing this work, we merged Sacred Soul Healing Arts with adventure travel to create Sacred Soul Adventures.



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