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Listen to this live interview with Jess Jacobson
on KDNK in Carbondale, Colorado

Jess Jacobson KDNK Interview

Jess Jacobson is a Healer, Psychic Medium and Spiritual Teacher that lives with her above average husband, three eccentric kids and two dogs in the mountains of Colorado. Her life’s service has been helping others remember self-love, spiritual purpose and connection. Jess’s Divine message of love and connection breaks through all barriers, allowing the truth of who you are to unfold.


Opening to self-love allows for greater personal responsibility in creating the life you are meant to live.


Jess’s specialty is working with Intergenerational Trauma through multiple generations, with the recognition that even those who have passed on can participate in this process, clearing the way for those still with us today and generations to come.

For Trees So Tall is a layered web of interconnected truths that set me on two distinct paths; one of suffering, self sabotage and victimization, the other of courage, light, love and healing. I sometimes walked both paths at the same time, each giving way to the other again and again. Had it not been for Charlie, my four legged companion and the peace I found in the Colorado wilderness, I may have chosen the shadow rather than the light.

I do not separate myself from these two paths any longer, there is no more shame, instead I understand them, how they came to be and my role in fulfilling my generational trauma and then healing it.

Walk these paths with me, see your own dark and light and know beyond a shadow of a doubt, you too can choose the light and be the example for others. You too, can let go the burden of what others have put upon you and grow into your best self. Like the tall trees of the forest that have weathered countless storms, you too, can grow ever closer, to the light.

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